The Light Tapastic


Gosh, what a busy few months this has been, but the most important update to bring to you is that in light of the repeated success of this website crashing due to too many views (thank you to Felix for giving me all the bandwidth he had to spare!), I've started to post The Property of Hate over on Tapastic as well. This means if this site goes down you can still read it there, and it even gives me a tiny amount of income due to their advert revenue, so if you would consider reading the comic there that would be super! I may well post the Square Tales there as well soon.

In other news The Princess and the Jester (under the SKIP link) will be resuming shortly, and my apologies for taking so long to get back on that, but I will finish it! Never fear! But yes, sorry, and thank you for your patience. The Purpose is finally completed so you can while away some time reading that, and there is another new Square Tale 'the Red Dog' available in that section too! I have a lot of other short stories planned, but my main aim is to get TPatJ back to a regular update schedule first. I am continuing to write Ethel, but while the first few chapters will stay available to read in the Short Stories section I am planning to simply keep writing it until it is finished and then look into possible publishing options.

The bad news is that the publisher I had an arrangement with for Volume 2 of TPoH had to back out due to company troubles, so it's back to square one with that! I am trying to find another as we speak but all and any promotion is welcome- if you think you know someone who would like the stuff I make, or even a publishing company that would be willing to take it on, don't feel shy of telling them! I'd very much appreciate it.

Until then, here is the place you can find TPoH on tapastic;


T-shirt and Stickers and Stores, Oh My!


Well would you look at that, a website update! The more astute of you might observe those lovely sidebanners that we've just added which can direct you to my Society6 and RedBubble stores, where you can buy lots of lovely things with stuff that I've drawn on them!

There is also a new checker-panel which can take you straight to my Etsy, where I sell copies of TPoH Volume 1! There are also plans in motion for the second volume, so keep those peepers open for that sometime this summer!

As ever, thank you so much to all of you who support me on Patreon and by buying these things, it's amazing the support I've received so far, and it really means the world to me! Keep on being brilliant, and thanks for crashing this website every now and again with the number of views! It's very encouraging :D


Patreon; back online!


I'm back! Well, certainly the Patreon is! The time is now; I'm going to have a serious shot at making my work my main source of income. I have enough savings to keep my head above water for a few months, so if in that time I can make it to minimum wage funding then I'll be able to dedicate 100% of my time to drawing my own stories! This has partly been spurred on by the fact that the doctors have finally found out that I have a variety of Hyper Mobility, which (in a nutshell) makes all my joints and tissues very weak and overly reactive. Sadly this means I am much more likely to get things like RSI and tendonitis, and in the worst case scenario it will become more difficult to draw as I age. Consequently I can't draw my own stories AND draw for a professional living at the same time without risking serious repercussions. The simplest and happiest solution is that I get cracking and make my stories my professional living! Logic at its finest.

If you're like to help support me and claim some super secret special rewards the link is at the top right, and every little helps. Thank you all for keeping me going so far, and let's hope this next chapter works out well! As a celebration and promotion all this week is TPoH BOMB and there will be a comic page update every day until next Sunday, wowza! SO yeah enjoy that folks, love you, and take care! xxx


RSS and right handed rigmarole


SO, mixture of good and bad this time;

GOOD! - The RSS feed will soon be sorted so look out for that symbol popping up soon. Also There is a new SKIP story called CLIP starting up, and I have a new Square Tales in the works.

BAD! - All colouring and backgrounds are being done left handed and I can't draw much/at all right handed because I have injured my arm, so TPoH and TPatJ are on hiatus until I have had an x-ray to see what the problem is. Can't afford to make it worse by continuing to work so, yeah, I am an idiot. What's new?

Take care, and sorry! xxx


Patreon- removed


Well I had a shot at it, but it turns out there are some very strange new rules about VAT MOSS and taxes, and until I know I'm in the clear (or they get rid of it, which a lot of people want) I'm going to have to find other ways to let you support me. Sorry to all of you who were kind enough to support me on Patreon! I don't think anyone was charged, but all the same it's rather a bummer.

I'll keep trying though! Thanks again xxx